Morandi band is composed of Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea.
At the beginning Morandi was a project of the two artists who
wanted to prove thar a song can become a hit withought a well
known artist singing it. So the release of their first video,
“Love me”, has gome accordinglyheir plans, everybody wishing
to know who is behind this succes. Next successful songs were:
“Beijo Uh la la”, “A la lujeba”, “Falling asleep”, “Afrika”, “Save me”
and “Colors”.

With “Angels” (Love is the answer), Morandi was on the second
place in HitFm top, anotherpopular post in Russia and the first
place in TOP 200 Moscow Radio.

The most appreciated album, until now, was N3XT, where the
script of the Afrika video seemsto be taken from science fiction.
Moga and Randi, dressed in astronauts, land in the middle of
a savage people, formed of 12 hot dancers.

About the “Afrika” video Marius Moga has claimed:
“We were inspired from a discovery made by astrologers at
20.5 light years from earth.They discover a planet similar
to earth, with 22 Celsius degrees at the ground, with water
and a atmostphere that is five time bigger that the earth’s.
They name it Glise 380C. We thought that instead of making
a video with Africa from our planet we should make a video
with Africa from there, like we imagine it.”

With “Colors” and “Save me”, Morandi occupied the first
place in Romania, Greece and Russia.
The “Colors” video was simultaneous broadcast in Romania,
Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.
“Colors” was filmed in june 2009 at MediaPro Studios, being
directed by Marius Moga and Giuliano Bekor.

Morandi N3XT

Among Morandi’s songs we entitle:

Love me
Beijo Uh la la
Falling asleep
A la lujeba
Daleh Cumnaleh
Endless Love
Save me

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