Biography and songs

inna hot

Inna alias Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu was born on 16 october
1986 in Mangalia, Romania and she is a dance and house singer.
Blessed with singing talent, she had been singing from a very
early age.
Inna spent her childhood in the Romanian village Neptun. After
graduating from high school,she started studying at Constanta Univ.
She began to collaborate with Play & Win since 2008,when she
released her first video, named “Hot”.
This song gained the lead in radio tops from Romania, Russia,
Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Greece.
From her debut album, “Hot”, Inna released three videos: “Love”,
“Deja vu” and “Amazing”,all of them gaining the lead in european
professional tops.

At the beggining of December Inna, started
trading her fourth video, named “I need you for Christmas”
which benefitted of a video in Tom Boxer’s staging.
The fifth song, named “10 minutes” was released on
25 January 2010 on Radio 21’s site and Inna’s web page.
This song video began to be filmed in the first part
of 2010.
Asked since when she began to sing Inna answered:

“How did I start singing ? I don`t remember the first
time, and I think nobody does it.
I have sung for a life and yet I have so many things to
learn.I sing music of all kinds and I sing for all kind
of people.”

inna amazing

Among Inna’s songs we entitle:

Deja vu
10 minutes
Don’t let the music die
Left right
On and on

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