Deepcentral project includes George and Doru, the latest being ex-member
of Bliss.

In winter of 2006, the two members began to work at what will have to
become Deepcentral. “Romanian tops are full of dance songs, and this thing
makes our decision to involve in this project very easy to understant”,
declared Deepcentral members.

They released the first video “Cry it away”, which was on the radio and in
top 100 Nielsen since the first week of broadcasting. They filmed “Cry it away”
eight hours ia an offices building where everybody worked hard.

The second Deepcentral video was “Russian girl” and was
filmed in 12 hours at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
But this was not in vain because the song was on the first place
all summer in most of the Romanian tops.

The last video of the band, “In love” was released in November
2009 and continues the series of success being in the first places
in Romanian tops.

Deepcentral photo

Among Deepcentral’s songs we entitle:

Russian girl
In love
Cry it away
A lot of you

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