About Us

Romanian music has made great strides in the last three years and subdued the european
and american tops. In 2009, romanian dance music made its way to electronic music, almost
merging itself with the latest and began to appear many artists, DJs and producers.
Starting with Inna, Morandi, Akcent, Edward Maya, Deepcentral, Play&Win, Morris,
Deepside Deejays and continuing with the superstar Dan Balan, they all sing the same style
of music, using the same themes and almost the same instruments.
This “popcorn” style is not the only reason for the recently success of romanian music.
The success in the neighbouring countries is due to the void of own production in the same
ones we succeeded to come out on tops.
One of the greatest tops where romanian music had “effused its anger” was Billboard,
where in 2010 Inna succeeded to come out top and Edward Maya was the second.
RomanianMusic.Net will bring out the hottest romanian songs, videos and lyrics
which are already famous in the entire world.