Movie watching is a great venue to strengthen a child’s character and traits since from curiosity come compassion. Though there are many movies that a child can pick up certain things, still it cannot be denied that in movies, they can absorb plenty of positive messages. The best trick is to source out for movies that teaches stuff that you want your kid to learn. The most effective way is to be there while they watch primewire online. This will help the kids understand in the event that they need some explaining done by older people.

What are these character building movies?

Most of the movies picked have lessons related to humility, gratitude and integrity that are embedded in most story lines. And if parents are concerned of their kids who are self-absorbed, require immediate gratification and are lacking in empathy, then these movies are the best solution.  In choosing the movies, it must impart the lesson that is designed for kids in a specific age bracket.

  1. For Little Kids from ages 2-7, pick simple stories, with messages that are done in bold and underlined letters and look for characters portrayed by humans since little kids learn more from human characters.
  1. For bigger kids ages 8-9 – Keep to movies that are simple with cause-and-effect sequences of the character. Those that will answer why the character did this. Settle for funny ones, since they learn more when they laugh. Movies that promote positivity are best for this age too.
  1. Tweens and Teens with ages 10 and older – needs movies that reflects themselves in the character. This age bracket can already understand plots and subplots so give them something to sort for like ideas. But in this age bracket they can easily tell if the movie is trying to give them lessons which will make them shy away from watching.


Try to discover the secret of picking movies that strengthens character traits and life skills and believe that from curiosity will result incourage and compassion.